The origins of the civilizations in America, the legends of Gods coming
from the middle of the Sea are just a llittle of the northern history of Peru.


★ Sacred City of Bandurria
★ Sacred City of Caral
★ Paramonga Fortress
★ Archaeological Complex of Sechin
★ Archaeological Site of Chavin de Huantar – Local Museum
★ Huaca Esmeralda / Huaca Arco Iris or Dragon
★ Tschudi Palace – Citadel of Chan Chan – Local Museum
★ Archaeological Museum of Jose Casinelli

★ Sun and Moon Huaca
★ Archaeological Complex of El Brujo
★ Colonial City of Zaña
★ Huaca Rajada – Local Museum
★ Huaca Rajada – Local Museum
★ Archaeological Complex of Batan Grande
★ National Museum Señor de Sipan
★ Tucume Pyramids – Local Museum
★ Archaeological Museum of Bruning
★ Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum