The Route of the Colonists

  • Lima • Churin • Oyon • Cerro de Pasco • Tarma • La Merced • Oxapampa • Pozuzo • Huancayo • Ayacucho • Andahuaylas • Abancay • Sacred Valley • Machu Picchu • Cusco
  • 15D – 14N
It is a landscape route. With beautiful panoramic views. The route can also be colored with aspects of archaeological, medicinal tourism and agrotourism.


★ Sacred City of Bandurria
★ Sacred City of Caral
★ Paramonga Fortress
★ Archaeological Complex of Sechin
★ Archaeological Site of Chavin de Huantar – Local Museum
★ Huaca Esmeralda / Huaca Arco Iris or Dragon
★ Tschudi Palace – Citadel of Chan Chan – Local Museum
★ Archaeological Museum of Jose Casinelli
★ Sun and Moon Huaca

★ Archaeological Complex of El Brujo
★ Colonial City of Zaña
★ Huaca Rajada – Local Museum
★ Huaca Rajada – Local Museum
★ Archaeological Complex of Batan Grande
★ National Museum Señor de Sipan
★ Tucume Pyramids – Local Museum
★ Archaeological Museum of Bruning
★ Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum

01 —

… / LIMA

Welcome to Peru!
Upon arrival at The International Airport of Lima (Jorge Chavez) a representative of Peru 4×4 adventures / Domiruth Travel Service will be awaiting for you, from there on transfer to the hotel. Arrival and check in (15:00 hours). Short briefing about the expedition and the usage of the 4×4 units, as well as safety regulations etc.
Overnight. ( – )

02 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
At 6:30 am we’ll leave Lima by way of the Panamerican Highway North, passing by the city of Huacho, where Austro-German settlers landed in the port of Huacho to beging their sacrificial and arduous journey by land, crossing coastal areas first and then on through the peaks and snowy mountain tops of the Andes.

Continuing on our trip to the city of Supe, where we’ll visit the Sacred City of Caral, the oldest city of the Americas, comprised of more than 32 architectural ensembles of varying shapes, sizes, and functions, of which, to this day, 7 pyramidal buildings have been identified along with a series of medium and small sized constructions. Transport to Barranca for lunch at a touristic restaurant.

Then on to visit Bandurria, an archaeological site nearly 5,000 years old, belonging to what is known as the Late Pre-Ceramic period. Continuing on our way to the town of Churin located at an altitude of 2,080 m.a.s.l. This valley has been known for the healing powers of its thermal springs since before the time of the Incas. The Lagoons, thermal pools and spas as they are known, are kept clean and comfortable due to the constant flow of thermal water coming down from the mountains.You’ll have plenty of free time to enjoy the thermal baths at your leisure.
Overnight at the hotel. (B, L)

03 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
We’ll leave early in the morning for Tarma, en route we’ll pass by the province of D Oyón, known for its landscapes of breath-taking beauty, dotted by snow-capped peaks close to the towns and highways, as well as for its stunning lagoons, such as the Patón Lagoon and the Anilcocha Lagoon. We’ll make brief stops to observe and take photos of the beautiful landscapes. Continuing on our journey towards the city of Cerro de Pasco (Capital of the Region of Pasco), which is located at 4,380 m.a.s.l and considered the “mining capital of Peru”, because here you can find large deposits of silver, copper, zinc, and lead. It is here in Cerro de Pasco, where after days upon days of walking the Austro-German settlers arrived, and as a result of the intense cold, suffered from “soroche” (altitude sickness).
Continuing on our trip we’ll pass by Lake Junín, the 2nd largest lake in Peru after Lake Titicaca, and see how its splendid marshes, reed beds, numerous tiny uninhabited island that are all home to thousands of species of aquatic birds, frogs, wild guinea pigs, foxes and chinchillas, all of which have adapted to the constantly frigid climate of these highlands. Arrival to the city of Tarma.
Overnight in the hotel. (B)


We recommend you to take with you a Box Lunch (Not included in the price)

04 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
Departure to the city of La Merced. En route we’ll pass by the town of Acobamba, where the Austro-German settlers arrived after overcoming many difficulties. From here the settlers had to create their own pathway leading them to arrive at Santa Cruz, where they stayed for some years, constructing traditional dwellings, making plantations, as well as raising some foul and other provisions.
In Acobamba you’ll find the Sanctuary of the Lord of Muruhuay, where thousands have come with flower bouquets and candles to place at the foot of the rock to light up the painted image of the Lord of Muruhuay, in hopes that he helps them recover from whatever they’re suffering from. The celebrations of the image of the Lord of Muruhuay begin on May 3rd and last all the way until the 15th of June, known as the longest lasting festival in Peru. Continuing on our journey and arriving at the city of La Merced, where we’ll start off by visiting the Kimiri suspension bridge, and continue on to see where the Perené Valley is born (where the rivers come together). Then we’ll head towards Port Yurinaki, where, after a brief walk, we arrive at the “Catarata Velo de Novia” (Bride’s Veil Waterfalls) with its 65 meters of falls and the “Bayoz Waterfalls” with their multiple natural pools ideal for a refreshing dip in their crystal clear waters. Return to La Merced.
Overnight. (B)


We recommend you to take with you a Box Lunch (Not included in the price)

05 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
A very early departure to the town of Pozuzo.
After the Austro-German settlers established themselves in Santa Cruz they had to abandon this place due to an avalanche of mud and rock that occurred on February 28, 1858 and destroyed most of their homes. For this reason, there is an Austro-German cemetery. All these incidents led a group of 50 settlers, among them the chronicler Clemente Yäger and the Father Luis Überlinger to abandon the group and continue further on to the land currently known as Pozuzo, where they finally established a permanent settlement.

In route on the town of Pozuzo we’ll visit the first Artisanal Trapiche of “Wharapo”, a sugarcane mill from the 14th century, where you’ll be able to taste traditional cane distilled liquor. Then we will discover the beauty of the town of Chontabamba where we’ll visit the main plaza and its only church made entirely from wood in the Austro-German style. Here we will enter the “Tunqui Cave”, a splendid cavern in which you will marvel at the diverse array and varying shapes of sand stalagmites. We’ll also get to tour the Dairy Plant (La Floralp), where you’ll get to see the making of and taste all kinds of dairy products, such as cheese, butter, yogurt, etc. Finally, we’ll have a City Tour of Oxapampa where we’ll visit the Plaza de Armas, Santa Rosa Church, and the Paseo de los Colonos (Walk of the Settlers).

Arriving to the town of Prusia is the entrance to the “Colony” (town) of Pozuzo, officially settled by the Austro-German settlers in 1859.
Overnight. (B, D) Note: We recommend you bring a box lunch (Not included in the tour price).

06 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
Up early in the morning to visit the traditional homes of the descendants of the settlers, who to this day still maintain distinct characteristics of the Austro-German culture of their forbearers. We’ll also tour the San José church and the monument in the town’s center to Father José Egg, originally constructed by the first settlers, as well as the Francisco Schaferer Museum, and the settlers’ original cemetery. Lunch. Then will have a walk towards the town and enjoy the amazing natural landscape, lush with trees, shrubs, and orchids.

We’ll cross the Emperor William I (Guillermo Emperador I) suspension bridge, which was used by the first settlers to cross the great Huancabamba River. Lunch. Departure back to the city of La Merced.


We recommend you to take with you a Box Lunch (Not included in the price)

07 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
Departure to the city of Huancayo, passing by the city of Jauja, located at an attitude of 3,352 m.a.s.l. in the Mantaro Valley. This was one of the first cities founded by the Spanish conquistadors that arrived in Peru in the 16th century, and was the capital of the conquered territory until 1535, when Lima was founded.

Along the way we’ll visit the Ocopa Convent, an icon of Peruvian history, founded by the Franciscan Order to serve as a missionary school, and is currently preserved as a museum which houses a magnificent library as well as a large art gallery.

Then we’ll head on to visit the district of San Jerónimo de Tunán, birthplace of the fine silver artwork and filigree, where we’ll visit a workshop and observe the elaborate process of making such fine silver and gold jewelry. Finally, we’ll tour the community of Cochas Chico, land of famous “gourd designers” who transform and decorate the gourds to produce exquisitely beautiful artwork.


We recommend you to take with you a Box Lunch (Not included in the price)

08 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
Departing to the city of Ayacucho. The road takes us through large fields of wheat that reach all the way to the Mantaro River, which eventually makes its way to the jungle. Thus arriving at Izcuchaca, an old small town full of history and legends, located 2,825 m.a.s.l. Its beautiful colonial bridge, with just one single stone arch has a 3 story square lookout point (veranda).

A point of great interest in viewing the land of Huancavelica, from the Mejorada, is an imposing hydroelectric dam on the Mantaro River. From here we can view the full beauty of the Mantaro River, as it furiously makes its way to the jungle, forming 3 curves between peaks and chasms, making such a famous figure in the Peruvian geography and topography, it’s called the running peninsula of Tayacaja.

From this point the road continues, passing by Huanta, to reach the city of Ayacucho; arriving we leave our 4x4s in our parking area to take a little foot tour of the city center of Ayacucho and to grab some lunch. Lodging and rest. (B)

09 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
The better part of this route will be by dusty roads, in which we will be able to observe beautiful landscapes and will also be able to stop and visit small rural towns along the way. Before leaving Ayacucho we’ll take an early trip by foot to the main plaza and some of the many churches the city is famous for. Along the way we’ll visit typical rural Andean towns such as Ocros, Chumbes, Santa María de Chicmo and Talavera. Arriving in Andahuaylas.
Overnight. (B)


We recommend you to take with you a Box Lunch (Not included in the price)

10 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
Leaving Andahuaylas. On the way our we’ll visit the splendid Lake Pacucha. After passing the lake we’ll climb towards the Sondor Archaeological site (3,500 m.a.s.l), which belonged to the Chankas Culture, before being conquered by the Incas. Continuing on our way we’ll pass by the picturesque towns of San Gerónimo and Quishara. Arriving in Abancay.
Overnight. (B)


We recommend you to take with you a Box Lunch (Not included in the price)

11 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
Today we’ll get our 4x4s again and head out to the Saywite Archaeological Complex. This was possibly a religious center for the worship of water. The Saywite Monolith sedimentary stone carved in high and low relief, measuring 2.28 meters high with a circumference of 11.14 meters at the widest point and 8.14 meters at the smallest.

On the observation platform you’ll see zoomorphic representations of felines such as the Puma, along with others like snakes, frogs, crabs, monkeys and spiders, along with irrigations, terracing, and lagoons, etc. At 300 meters there are also small monoliths like the Rumiwasi or House of Stone, with little stairs and geometric shapes, as well as canals.

We’ll also be able to see the ceremonial Ushnu where they paid tribute to the Pachamama (Mother Earth), also included in the tour is a ceremony to Mother Earth, and finally a visit to Intiwatana or the sun clock which was probably an Incan observatory to view the astronomic movements, passing of the seasons of the year, and thus tell of the planting and harvesting.
We’ll continue on to the Sacred Valley. Arrive and be taken to your hotel.


We recommend you to take with you a Box Lunch (Not included in the price)

12 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
Today is dedicated to exploring the Sacred Valley and its most notable attractions. We’ll start our tour on the 4x4s visiting the population of Maras, located in the province of Urubamba at 3,300 m.a.s.l. from there we’ll be able to appreciate the Cordillera of Vilcanota and the snow-capped peaks of: “El Chikón” (5,530 m.a.s.l.), “Putukisi”, and “La Verónica” (5,682 m.a.s.l.).
Then we’ll visit Moray, which is about 53 km from Cusco at an altitude of 3,385 m.a.s.l.; which is a unique archaeological group of its kind in the region. It’s made up of gigantic natural holes that were used by the Incas who constructed farming terraces with their respective irrigating canals, it’s thus a prototype greenhouse, this place is where great strides in agriculture were made. Lunch in Urubamba. Finally, we’ll visit the fortress of Ollantaytambo, one of the most monumental architectural complexes of the Incan Empire, which received its name from the celebrated legend of the rebel General Ollanta. Return to the hotel. Return the 4x4s.
Overnight (B, L)


We recommend you to take with you a Box Lunch (Not included in the price)

13 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
Train ride to Machu Picchu! Today we’ll visit Machu Picchu. Very early we’ll part for the Ollanta train station to take our train to the majestic city of Aguas Calientes, the trip will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes, along the way you’ll be able to appreciate the lush natural landscapes that change according to the existing altitude.

Arriving at the town’s station we’ll take a bus up to the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. The visit to the citadel will start by viewing the magnificent landscape that surrounds it. The total tour will last about 2 hours, and will end with our descent by bus back to the town of Aguas Calientes. Lunch is not included. At the specified time we’ll board the train that will take us to Ollantaytambo. Upon arrival you’ll be transported to your hotel in Cusco.
Overnight. (B)

14 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
This day starts by visiting the 4 most important Incan ruins near to the city of Cusco, these include: Kenko, Pucapucara, Tambomachay, and the Fortress of Sacsayhuaman.

After which we’ll return to Cusco. In the afternoon there will be a guided tour of the great Cathedral, Koricancha (Temple of the Sun), as well as the principal plaza (city center).
Overnight (B).

15 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
The morning you’ll be free to walk around the city sightseeing or shopping. At the indicated hour you’ll be taken to the airport in order to board your flight back to the capital Lima. Upon arrival in Lima you’ll be greeted and assisted on to your connecting international flight. (B)


  • Transfer airport / hotel / airport.
  • 14 nights of lodging + breakfast.
  • Guided tour of the sacred city of Caral.
  • Guided tour of the Bandurria archaeological site.
  • Entrance to the Thermal Baths of Churin.
  • City tour of Oxapampa.
  • City tour of Pozuzo.
  • Guided tour to Maras + Moray + Fortress of Ollantaytambo.
  • Lunch buffet in a local restaurant in the Sacred Valley.
  • Visit to Machu Picchu with a local private guide.
  • Vistadome train or The 360° Ollanta / Machu Picchu / Ollanta.
  • City tour of Cusco + 4 surrounding ruins.
  • Entrance tickets to all the specified sites along the route.
  • 4×4 unit from the 2nd day to the 14th day.
  • Fuel throughout the route.
  • Professional driver throughout the route.
  • Taxes throughout the route.
  • Oxygen tank.
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Comfortable seats throughout your trip.


  • Air tickets national and international
  • Travel insurance.
  • Overweight in Luggage.
  • Alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.
  • Not specified meal
  • Personal charges
  • Other not specified





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