The Route of Deserts and Volcanoes

This beautiful experiential route goes through the most beautiful landscapes of the country such as the valley of the volcanoes and the two deepest canyons of the planet.


★ Barlovento Beach
★ Camping on the beach.
★ Parinacochas Lagoon.
★ Cotahuasi Canyon.
★ Waterfall of Sipia.
★ Valley of the Volcanoes.
★ Colca Canyon.

★ Observation of the Flight of the Condor.
★ Lagunillas Lagoon.
★ Sillustani Chullpas + Umayo Lake.
★ Floating islands of Uros.
★ Taquile Island.
★ Archaeological site of Piquillacta.

01 —

… / LIMA

Upon arrival at The International Airport of Lima (Jorge Chavez) a representative of Peru 4×4 adventures / Quality Travel International will be awaiting for you, from there on transfer to the hotel. Arrival and check in (15:00 Hrs.).
Overnight (-)

02 —

Lima – Paracas – Antana (350 Kms)

Breakfast at hotel.
Short briefing about the expedition and the usage of the 4×4 units, as well as safety regulations etc. Departure with 4×4 units with direction to the city of Paracas. Once we get to Paracas, enter the desert touring the dunes with a lot of action, emotion and adventure.

We advance to Barlovento beach where we will go up to the desert again to take the “windward” pampa and end at the viewpoint of Antana beach, then a great descent that tests driving skills. We continue along the beach again to reach our camp.
Overnight (B, D)

03 —

Antana – Nasca (200 Kms)

Breakfast at hotel.
After breakfast departure to the South, sometimes along the beaches, other times through the desert. Our first challenge, to cross the famous “Dune of Beyond”, which was used in the editions of the Dakar, the dune receives its name because the old fishermen took it as a reference when saying “From the dune beyond” that is how it looks like the Dune of Beyond, this dune has a difficulty since it ends in the sea, it is necessary to know the steps to be able to reach the other side.

At noon we will have our snack, in one of the endless desert beaches of the area.
In the afternoon we will take a Dakarian route again, at the end of the day we will arrive at Puerto Caballas beach where we will take the route to Nasca.
Overnight (B, BXL)

04 —

Nasca – Pausa (400 Kms)

Breakfast. After the Overflight we will take the South Pan-American towards the Yauca Valley, known for its large olive plantation, from there we will take a small route that will quickly take us to the Parinacochas lagoon, where we can see the beautiful flamingos in their natural habitat, continuing on route, we will pass close to the Nevado Sara Sara, Apu guardian of the area, then we will continue our route to the town of Pausa, where we will not stay in a hotel in the area. Overnight (B, BXL)

05 —

Pausa – Cotahuasi (320 Kms)

Breakfast at hotel.
Departure after breakfast to the town of Cotahuasi, where the next day we can visit the Cotahuasi canyon formed by the erosion of the waters of the river of the same name. 

At the bottom of the Canyon is the Sipia Waterfall that has a free fall of 150 m, where beautiful rainbows are frequently formed, which tourists who come to this area.
Overnight (B)

06 —

Cotahuasi – Andagua (150 Kms)

The Andahua area, a picturesque countryside that is characterized by its crops of potatoes, ollucos, broad beans, geese, etc., rests on ashes and lava. 

It is strategically located in the middle center of the valley. Andagua is known as the Valley of the Volcanoes, in this area there was an intense volcanic activity that generated the appearance of dwarf cones of different times, shapes and heights in the valley itself.
Overnight. (B)

07 —

Andagua – Cabanaconde (300 Kms)

Colca Goepark comprises 119 geosites, among which the Colca Canyon stands out, one of the deepest canyons on the planet, and the scenic beauty of the Valley of the Andagua Volcanoes, a valley with more than 25 volcanic cones. 

This impressive landscape of the valley was forged thanks to the volcanic activity produced in the last 400 million years. Colca and Andagua geological history of the town with the presence of man in an active tectonic volcanic area of exceptional landscapes and living ancient culture. Arrival at Cabanaconde.
Overnight. (B)

08 —

Cabanaconde – Chivay (70 Kms)

Breakfast at hotel.
Very early we went to Cruz del Cóndor, where one of the most spectacular places in the Canyon can be seen and you can almost always see the condors on magical flights, we will also visit to the Tapay viewpoint where we can observe the depth of the canyon as well as the town of the same name. 

On the way, we will visit Maca village (where you can visit the church or Temple of Santa Ana of colonial origin, and enjoy a refreshing juice of Sancayo or the traditional Colca Sour) and Yanque village (where you can enjoy the typical dances and visit the Santísima Concepción church). Arrival at Chivay town.
Overnight. (B)

09 —

Chivay – Puno (300 Kms)

Breakfast at hotel.
After breakfast, transfer to Puno city. On the way you will see different Andean landscapes, such as stone forests, huge lagoons with a variety of birds, small villages in the area, the villages of Imata and make a short stop in Lagunillas where you can see beautiful landscapes of the area (4444 masl). After six hours of travel we will be arriving to Puno. 

You will have the opportunity to visit the Chullpas of Sillustani known as a pre-Inca burial site surrounded by the beautiful and spectacular lake of Umayo. Finally transfer to Hotel. Overnight. (B)

10 —

Puno – Titicaca Lake – Puno

Breakfast at hotel.
This day we can leave the trucks 4×4 at the hotel.
After breakfast transfer to the pier in order to board the boat that will take to the Uros floating islands, on which the ethnic groups live in them and survive by fishing and selling their handcrafted products. 

From there on continue the excursion to the Taquile Island. Return boat ride to mainland, transfer to the hotel. Overnight. (B, L)

11 —

Puno – Cusco (400 Kms)

Breakfast at hotel.
Very early in the morning, transfer to Cusco city. On the way we will visit the town of Pucara, where the origins of the Andean Culture of the Altiplano. You pass through Sicuani, where you can have the opportunity to have lunch. 

 Visit Piquillacta, one of the most famous and best preserved pre-Inca sites of the ancient cities that existed in Peru. The authors of its adobe walls and streets of up to three floors were the Wari, from the central Andes.
Overnight. (B, L)

12 —


07:00 Hrs. Drop-Off Truck 4×4
Transfer to the airport to board your flight to Lima and your international connection flight (B)






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