The Lost Kingdoms

  • Lima • Trujillo • Chiclayo • Cajamarca • Chachapoyas • Chiclayo • Lima
  • 15D – 14N
Where Gods coming from the Sea built huge walls of sand, the rest of Inca constructions show the power of the Empire and hidden cultures in the jungle keep its magnificent fortress alive.


★ Ceremonial Center of Pachacamac
★ Paramonga Fortress
★ Archaeological Complex of Sechín
★ Sun and Moon Huaca
★ Archaeological Complex of El Brujo
★ Tschudi Palace – Citadel of Chan Chan – Local Museum
★ Huaca Rajada – Local Museum
★ Túcume Pyramids – Local Museum
★ Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum

★ Archaeological Complex of Batan Grande
★ Cathedral of Cajamarca
★ Rescue Chamber
★ Archaeological Complex of Cumbemayo
★ Marañon Canyon
★ Malqui Museum – Leimebamba
★ KuelapFortress
★ Karajia Sarcophagus
★ City of Lamud

01 —

… / LIMA

Welcome to Peru!
Upon arrival at The International Airport of Lima (Jorge Chavez) a representative of Peru 4×4 adventures / Domiruth Travel Service will be awaiting for you, from there on transfer to the hotel. Arrival and check in (15:00 hours). Short briefing about the expedition and the usage of the 4×4 units, as well as safety regulations etc.
Overnight. ( – )

02 —

LIMA – CARAL – BARRANCA (Total Kms Lima – Barranca 192 Kms)

Breakfast in the Hotel.
Departure in 4×4 from Lima very early in the morning taking the Panamerican North Highway to visit the Sacred City of Bandurria. Then continue the tour to visit the Sacred City of Caral, the Oldest City in America.
Then, we visit the Fortress of Paramonga; archaeological site belonging to the Chimu culture. From the very top of this fortress one can observe the whole valley. Return to Barranca, a small city that lives on trade.
Overnight. (B)

03 —

BARRANCA – SECHIN – TRUJILLO (Total Kms Barranca – Trujillo 371 Kms)

Breakfast in the hotel.
Departure in 4×4 to visit Sechin in Casma, this is also a pre-inca archaeological site with engraved walls, in which you see warriors and mutilated people. Corresponds to the Formative period, 1800-200 BC. It was discovered in 1937 by archaeologist Julio César Tello.

At the site also visit the Museum of Max Uhle site, which showcases the most important pieces obtained from the archaeological excavations and provides an overview of the history of the town of Casma. Afterwards continue our journey to Trujillo city. Arrival in the evening, check inn and overnight at selected hotel. (B)

04 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
Early departure to visit the Huaca Arco Iris or Dragon and Emerald, which belong to the archaeological tourism circuit of Chan Chan. Continue to visit the largest mud city in northern Peruvian city of Chan Chan, Nikan or Tschudi Palace and its museum.

Finally, we visit the Temples of the Sun and the Moon which were constructed by the Moche culture (500 years before Christ). It is said that these pyramids 130 feet tall, are the largest adobe construction on the American continent. Return to the hotel.
Overnight. (B)

05 —

TRUJILLO – CHICLAYO (Total Kms Trujillo – Chiclayo 204 Kms)

Breakfast in the hotel.
Early transfer to the city of Chiclayo, on route we will visit the Archaeological Museum of La Señora de Cao which is one of the most important ancient archaeological sites of the northern coast of Peru. It is located in the Chicama River Valley; this complex is a ceremonial centre where you can see the legacy of 5,000 years of occupation.

We will also make a brief visit to the local Museum of the site. Then we continue our journey to the Colonial City of Zaña and finally visit the Huaca Rajada Complex, this archaeological complex is the repository of many burial chambers, where they found the remains of the Moche Lords. The set is made up of two pyramids joined by a platform, where there was much evidence of gold, many pieces of its skeleton covered was covered by golden objects: a breastplate, bracelets and the sceptre of command, in addition to clothing also jewellery.
Arrival at the hotel in Chiclayo.
Overnight. (B)


We recommend you to take with you a Box Lunch (Not included in the price)

06 —


Breakfast at hotel.
Early departure to visit the Historic Sanctuary “Bosque de Pomac”, in this place are preserved forest species typical of dry forest and 36 pyramids of the Moche Culture then visit the interpretation centre. Then continue to Lambayeque to visit the Pyramids and the Museum of Túcume, Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum. Return to Chiclayo.
Overnight. (B)


We recommend you to take with you a Box Lunch (Not included in the price)

07 —

CHICLAYO – PACASMAYO – CAJAMARCA (Total Kms Chiclayo – Cajamarca 260 Kms)

Breakfast at the hotel.
At fixed time departure from Chiclayo in 4×4 units to the city of Cajamarca. After 6 hours journey we arrive to this beautiful city. Check in at the hotel.
Overnight. (B)

08 —


Breakfast at the hotel.
Tour around the city, visiting the Main Square, Cathedral, Catacombs, San Francisco Museum, Chapel of the Dolorosa, Colonial Hospitals, Belen Museum, Rescue Chamber (Place in which Atahualpa filled with gold and silver as ransom for his liberty) And Santa Apolonia.
Return to the hotel and free time for personal activities.
Overnight. (B)

09 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
In 4×4 units visit Cumbemayo, on route we will also visit Bellavista, Layzon. In Cumbemayo you will be able to walk within the stone forest, the sanctuary and aqueducts, etc. Return to the hotel. Afternoon free time at own leisure.
Overnight. (B)

10 —

CAJAMARCA – CHACHAPOYAS – TINGO (Total Cajamarca – Chachapoyas 335 Kms)

After early breakfast departure in 4×4 units with direction to Chachapoyas, taking the route to Celendin. We will pass by the Maranon Canyon, one of the most beautiful and deepest canyons in South America. Here it will be impressive to see all the microclimates as well as its geographical contrasts.

We will drive down from 3065 m.a.s.l till 700 m.a.s.l to the town called Balsas, afterwards ascend again up to 2150 m.a.s.l arriving in Leymebamba. Visit to the Malqui Museum, where you will be able to appreciate more than 200 mommies, found in the Condores Lagoon. Arrival in Tingo, check inn at the hotel.
Overnight. (B)


We recommend you to take with you a Box Lunch (Not included in the price)

11 —


After breakfast, visit Kuelap, a spectacular city with pre-inca walls, hidden between mountains. Even though Kuelap was found 60 years before Machu Picchu it is not as well known.
Although through recent discoveries and its history, it has captured the attention of archaeologists and many people around the world. Return to Chachapoyas in the evening.
Overnight. (B)


We recommend you to take with you a Box Lunch (Not included in the price)

12 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
Departure in our 4×4 units towards the small town of Cruzpata. Place in which we will start our trekking, after 30 minutes we will arrive at the Karajia sarcophagus of 2.5 meters tall. After a short visit to this place located north to the small town of Lamud, return to Chachapoyas.
Arrival at the hotel and overnight (B). Note: We recommend to take with you a Box Lunch (Not included in the price).

13 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
At fixed time we depart from Chachapoyas to the city of Chiclayo, 6 hrs drive aprox. Arrival in Chiclayo city.
Check inn and overnight. (B)


We recommend you to take with you a Box Lunch (Not included in the price)

14 —


Breakfast in the hotel.
At fixed time departure from Chiclayo in 4×4 units to Lima. After 10 hrs driving, you will arrive in Lima.
Overnight. (B)

15 —

LIMA / …

Breakfast in the hotel.
Transfer to the airport in order to board your international flight. (B)


  • Breakfast in all destinations.
  • Transfer in/out.
  • 14 nights of lodging in the selected hotel.
  • Visit Bandurria + Sacred City of Caral + Paramonga Fortress.
  • Archaeological Site of Sechin.
  • Visit Llanganuco Lagoon + Yungay.
  • Visit archaeological complex of Sechin.
  • Visit Huaca Dragon + Chan Chan + Temples of the Sun and the Moon.
  • Archaeological Complex of Dama de Cao + Zaña + Huaca Rajada.
  • Historic Sanctuary “Bosque de Pomac” + Tucume + Señor de Sipan Museum.
  • City Tour Cajamarca + Santa Apolonia.
  • Visit Cumbemayo Stone Forest.
  • Visit Mallqui Museum (Leymebamba).
  • Visit Karajia S
  • Visit Kuelap Fortress.
  • 4×4 units from day 2 till day 14.
  • Petrol on the whole route.
  • Profesional Driver on the whole route.
  • Road taxes on the whole route.
  • Oxygen Tank.
  • GPS (If required).
  • Unlimited Kms.
  • Leather seats.
  • Air tickets national and international
  • Travel insurance.
  • Overweight in Luggage.
  • Alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.
  • Not specified meal
  • Personal charges
  • Other not specified





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